IDT-2600670100-Ididit Touch-N-Go Keyless Ignition Systems

IDT-2600670100-Ididit Touch-N-Go Keyless Ignition Systems


Keyless Ignition System, Touch-N-Go, Starter Switch, LED Illumination, Wiring Harness, Kit

tarter Switch Included:Yes

Switch Actuation:Momentary

Switch Ilumination Color:Red 

Wiring Harness Included:Yes

Quantity:Sold as a kit.

Ididit Touch-N-Go keyless ignition systems give you the most advanced keyless ignition technology at the tip of your finger. The is the industry's first touch sensitive start system and features a 22mm aluminum button (25mm with column mount) with multi-color interactive LED lights that always let you know what mode it's in. Touch once and the system simulates the accessory position, touch twice and the system is in the on position, touch three times while pressing the brake pedal starts the car. Three rapid touches will turn the system off and stop the engine. There are no moving components to wear out, ensuring years of outstanding performance. This system can be used as a simple start button system or you can utilize more advance functions, such as keyless entry. Just stick your programmable key fob in your pocket or wallet and the system will sense your approach, automatically unlocking your door as you get close and locking it up as you leave (the system only responds when the key fob is in range). For added safety, this system can also be programmed to turn on your dome lights as you approach and includes a built in valet switch that allows you to override the system in the event of a dead key fob. Touch-N-Go systems are available for most ididit tilt steering columns and can replace your stock in-dash ignition. Made in the USA.